Sometimes you just have to write…

I did it!

The more I write, the better it flows, and the less I have to rewrite and rephrase.

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Fashion is unfair

Girls are the ones who are most critical of their own appearance, yet they’re the ones we pressure into wearing clothing that exposes every possible blemish, bump, tiny spot of cellulite, pimple…

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7 things my son says

Getting any information from him is like pulling teeth.

August 29, 2013 · 10 Comments

Tinkerbell (without the wings) in my head

… this little voice (I picture a Tinkerbell-sized woman, but without the wings.) was talking non-stop ..

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Blackberry-Apple Jam, oh my!

Every year at this time, I do a brief imitation of a domestic goddess: one of those people who can cook well and enjoy it. I’m not talking about cooking … Continue reading

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What to wear?

Try asking either my husband or son for clothing advice!

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Car fatigue

Driving may not count as a cardio-vascular workout, or really any sort of workout, but it does take constant focus and concentration.

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When graffiti is okay

Let’s look at a particular type of graffiti: the kind that names the person writing it, often accompanied by a date.

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Forbidden spaces

  What intrigues me almost as much as the chateaux we’ve been visiting, is what we usually haven’t seen.  The rooms that are all done up for the tourists, dressed … Continue reading

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Picture perfect?

I have an uncanny gift for blinking or looking plain weird just as the picture is taken

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