Sometimes you just have to write…

A skeptic’s come-uppance?

…keeping an open mind doesn’t mean accepting everything as fact. It means allowing that the facts might lead to somewhere unexpected.

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The Dutch and their bicycles

I’ve pointed out before that one of the things I like about the Dutch is that they ride bicycles. And it’s not just that it’s politically correct, non-polluting, and good … Continue reading

February 24, 2013 · 6 Comments

Gentle rejection

Some of you may know that in the last year I wrote a book. Or, rather, a potential book: a manuscript, in other words, in search of a publisher. Here’s … Continue reading

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Eating horsemeat

It’s like eating a family member, a form of cannibalism.

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Mommy’s super-power, by guest blogger Kate McIntyre

“Use it!” the demoness chortled in Carol Channing’s voice. “Use your last power!”

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It’s all in the wrist

I’ve expressed my doubts about exams before. And here I am, writing this blog entry, as, again, I make my students suffer through an exam. Actually, this isn’t the real … Continue reading

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“She’s a scatterbrain, but what a brilliant teacher!”

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Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere!

The jewelry is priced in the thousands. The chocolate? It wasn’t marked.

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