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Car fatigue

Driving may not count as a cardio-vascular workout, or really any sort of workout, but it does take constant focus and concentration.

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When graffiti is okay

Let’s look at a particular type of graffiti: the kind that names the person writing it, often accompanied by a date.

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Forbidden spaces

  What intrigues me almost as much as the chateaux we’ve been visiting, is what we usually haven’t seen.  The rooms that are all done up for the tourists, dressed … Continue reading

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Children at the Beach

Every sentence the under-sixes utter is about themselves: “I wanna …. (fill in the blank)”, “Look at me!”, and so on.

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The Lure of the Medieval

As the medieval period is portrayed in stories, there’s a very simple view of life: right vs. wrong. Good vs. evil.

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How English is Guernsey?

The other day I tweeted “Guernsey is so very English.” Well, I stand corrected. It isn’t English. I learned this when I asked a completely unrelated question in a shop. … Continue reading

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Going to the Fair

There’s something magical about a county fair. It has an innocence about it; it hearkens back to a time when people enjoyed games and events that didn’t involve a screen … Continue reading

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French Anti-Semitism

Visiting World War II sites made me think about the Nazis, of course, which made me think of the Holocaust, which made me think of anti-Semitism as it still exists … Continue reading

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Another museum review? Not exactly…

I wasn’t going to post anything more about world war museums or sites. I figured people aren’t too interested in hearing about them, so the two reviews I’ve already written … Continue reading

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Traveling via airbnb

We looked into renting an RV for this vacation. And we looked into hotels and bed & breakfasts. Given that we recently bought a house, those options were all too … Continue reading

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