Sometimes you just have to write…

What to wear?

Today is the first day of school. Or, rather, the first day of meetings to prepare for the first day of teaching, which, for me, is on Thursday.

a small portion of my shoe collection, which is heavy on the Converse

a small portion of my shoe collection, which is heavy on the Converse

Every workday, as I get dressed, I miss having another female in the house. And I miss them every other time I have to get dressed for … pretty much anything.

Right now, only my husband and my son are living here at home. My daughter and foster daughter have moved out to go to college. Both come home from time to time, but otherwise I’m the only female around.

I miss my daughter and foster daughter just for the people they are; I enjoy their company, and love hearing about their lives.

But in the mornings, I miss their advice. I’m just not good at putting together outfits. I can tell what looks good on other people, but not on me. This explains, for those of you who know me, why my usual uniform is jeans and a plain shirt. It’s the safest choice, and I’m most comfortable when I’m sure I don’t look like an idiot.

When either of them is home, I can always go to them and ask my usual question: “Can I appear in public in this?”

They know what this means. It means I need either:

  1. some reassurance, or
  2. some constructive, but gentle, advice.

The answer will be – depending on what I’m wearing, of course:

  1. “Yes, you look good! Wear that!”; or
  2. Something like “Those don’t go well together. How about trying that blue shirt with those trousers?”; or
  3. “No, it’s too young,” followed by a suggestion; or
  4. “No, it makes you look like an old lady,” followed by a suggestion.

My daughter is blunter about giving advice, while my foster daughter will always couch it in gentle language that tells me I look fine already but that it could be improved even more.

But either way, I get some reassurance or advice.

Try asking either my husband or son for clothing advice:

My husband: “It looks fine.” This would be his answer even if I was still wearing a towel on my head after a shower. The only way I can get some concrete advice from him is if I put on one outfit, show it to him, then put on another whole outfit and make him tell me which is better. Even then, he often says they’re both good.

My son just shrugs. And, if pushed, says “It looks fine.”  

So I’m just winging it now. Be warned: if I show up at school one of these days with a real fashion faux pas, it’s not my fault!

IMG_0766P.S. This picture is a selfie I took this morning. If you read my post about photography, you’ll understand that it’s the best one I managed to take in the limited time I had before leaving for school. So, can I appear in public in this?


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