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Forbidden spaces

  What intrigues me almost as much as the chateaux we’ve been visiting, is what we usually haven’t seen.  The rooms that are all done up for the tourists, dressed … Continue reading

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Traveling via airbnb

We looked into renting an RV for this vacation. And we looked into hotels and bed & breakfasts. Given that we recently bought a house, those options were all too … Continue reading

August 11, 2013 · 3 Comments

Review: the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum

Since I reviewed a museum last week – the In Flanders Field Museum in Ypres – it only makes sense for me to review the museum I visited yesterday. Even … Continue reading

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Bones of the dead

  Yesterday my friend, Kim, and I visited the medieval church of Saint Victor, parts of which date back to “paleo-Christianity”; in other words, the fifth century or so. I … Continue reading

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T is for Travel

What is it that we like about travel? I think people would give a variety of answers. Here are a few that come to mind. Experiencing different cultures and ways … Continue reading

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G is for Grief

The 9/11 memorial was on my “To Do” list today. I went there once before, though I’m not sure exactly what year it was. At the time, it was just … Continue reading

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My First Blog Post in More than a Year…

…explaining why I haven’t posted in more than a year!

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As we left Yangshuo (fantastical landforms, bamboo rafts on rivers, lovely ecolodge, Chinese cooking class) on our way to Guilin to catch the night train for Guangzhou so we could … Continue reading

August 29, 2010 · 1 Comment

Chinese Business Opportunities

Here are three hot business opportunities for anyone entrepreneurial enough to take them. I’m not taking them because I’m an idea person, not an entrepreneur. Beds: More and more Western tourists … Continue reading

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Random Notes

 For those of you who might be wondering how we’re doing, I’ll describe a few things that we’ve done or that have happened to us. Accommodations: We pre-booked all of … Continue reading

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