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The End is in Sight!

London, August 16, 09:00 We’re at a London hotel now, booked onto a flight to Amsterdam this afternoon at 16:00. When we got to the airport, the KLM service desk … Continue reading

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Waiting some more, plus sexy dancing

Bujumbura, August 14 Waiting some more, and some sexy dancing I had to stop writing my last entry, because we finally left Kirundo, “only” about 45 minutes after the time … Continue reading

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More Waiting

Bujumbura Airport, Friday, August 14 It’s about 17:30, and we still haven’t left Bujumbura. Apparently the reason the flight was cancelled this morning was that there was a strike at … Continue reading

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Waiting in Kirundo

Kirundo, Burundi, August 13 I’m sitting in the van right now, waiting to leave for Bujumbura. We seem to spend a lot of time here waiting, but I realized yesterday … Continue reading

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Street Children

Kirundo, Burundi, August 9 There are a lot of street children here. They wander around town, dressed in rags the colour of the earth, and beg for money. So, of … Continue reading

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Twa Pottery

Kirundo, Burundi, August 9 On Friday we were taken to visit a potter, with one of the English teachers, named Claude, as our guide. On the ride there, which turned … Continue reading

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English Teaching in Kirundo

Kirundo, Burundi, Thursday, August 6 The level of English, as I’ve already written, varies enormously among the English teachers we’re training (all of the English teachers in Kirundo province, I’m … Continue reading

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Status in Burundi

Kirundo, Burundi, Tuesday, August 4 Social status seems to be a big issue in Burundi. We were certainly all aware already that there is a big difference between the poorest … Continue reading

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Tough Meat

Kirundo, Birundi, Monday, August 3 I was sick yesterday: stomach cramps at regular intervals, a mild fever, a headache and general aches and pains all over my body. The cause … Continue reading

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Feeling My Age

Kirundo, Burundi, July 31 I’m 47 years old, and the last time I was in sub-Saharan Africa I was about 26. I’ve realized here what a difference that makes. It’s … Continue reading

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