Sometimes you just have to write…

Tinkerbell (without the wings) in my head


two book bags, one for each job

two book bags, one for each job

When I started this blog challenge on August 1st, I was on vacation. There’s just something about vacation that gets the creative juices flowing.

 Or rather, it’s not that they’re flowing, it’s that they’re flowing unencumbered.

 During the school year, I always have too much going on. It’s not that there’s actually too much going on; it’s that there’s too much going on in my head.

 Today, for example, I spent the morning preparing a presentation for tomorrow. That took a while, and what I was trying to make the PowerPoint do was complicated and fidgety.

 And yet, the whole time I was working on it, this little voice (I picture a Tinkerbell-sized woman, but without the wings.) was talking non-stop about all the other stuff I had to do: plan the whole year for English, for example. Which book should we start with? How should I begin that first day? Perhaps a writing activity in groups? Maybe I should explain the course itself right off the bat? No, better to wait till the second or third lesson to do that. I need to find out which Shakespeare plays they’ve already read. And so on. And so on.

 This is the kind of monologue that’s going through my head. It’s not just that one English class either; it’s both Theory of Knowledge classes as well. Then there’s the parents coming in on Friday for some further education advice for their son.

 And that’s just one job: at the other I have three separate American Studies lecture series to prepare. I’ve taught them all before, but there are always changes I need to make, so Tinkerbell is mumbling something about them as well. And a Young Adult Literature class. And there’s the research related to one of my lecture series that will start soon…

 It’s not that it’s too much work. It’s not. And I’m not complaining about any of it; I like the variety and challenge of my jobs. It’s just that it all seems to make claims on my attention at the same time. I wish I could get my inner Tinkerbell to shut up now and then so I could think … and write.

 During the vacation,she stopped jumping around demanding my attention. She just clammed up and took a long snooze for the summer.

 That left me with a head that was clear enough to think. Sometimes it was even thinking about school, and what I wanted to change this year. But it also let me think about writing.

 Each afternoon or evening, when we got back from sightseeing or beaching or whatever we spent the day doing, I was able to sit down and write a blog post. Usually the idea of what to write came to me that day: if you look through my posts from the past month you’ll see what I mean.

 Then, once I’d written it, I left it till morning, when I’d reread it, make corrections and post it.

 It was all very relaxed. Now, with Tinkerbell in my brain jumping around screaming for attention, I don’t seem to manage to sit down and write until the evening. I should be cooking dinner right now, so I’ll post this without much careful rereading. Which means the quality will probably be less.

 How do other people manage it? I mean, keeping a daily blog at the same time as working and having a life? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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