Sometimes you just have to write…

Yes, I lose things too!

glassesWhen I lost – or, rather, misplaced – my reading glasses yesterday, my husband pointed out that he wasn’t the only one who loses things. You see, if you’ve been following this blog this month, you’ll know I posted about how he loses things, yet always gets them back.

I’ll admit it: he’s right.

Most often, it’s my reading glasses that I lose. I sometimes carry them folded on the neckline of my shirt (I refuse to buy one of those long cords to hang my glasses on; it’s so old-fashioned and severe librarian-ish.). That works just fine, except when I bend over, for example, to pick something up from the ground.

Yesterday we were walking to a beach down a steep, tree-lined country lane. I felt chilly in the shade, and stopped in the middle of the road to put on a sweatshirt. A good distance further on and halfway down a very long hill, I realized that my glasses weren’t at their usual spot on my cleavage.

No big deal: we could look for them later on the way back up, and, even if they were lost or had been run over by a car, I had an extra pair in my luggage. (At home I have five or six pairs scattered around the house so I don’t have to keep track of them.)

It turned out, though, that they’d gotten tangled up in the sweatshirt and, when I took it off at the beach, the glasses fell out in my lap.

Dear Hubby usually just rolls his eyes whenever I can’t find my glasses, and I always find them again.

Today, though, he said, “See, I’m not the only one who loses things. You should write about that!”

So this is my act of contrition: to proclaim publicly that I, too, lose things.

But here’s the difference: the things I lose are unimportant. Reading glasses, or a sunhat, for example, as opposed to wallets full of credit and bank cards.

Well, most of the time. I did lose an iPhone5 not long ago… 

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