Sometimes you just have to write…

W is for Whisper

This is going to sound a bit odd.

I have an app on my iPad called Jigsaw Box, which is a jigsaw puzzle program. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles on the iPad. It’s something I do to relax and fall asleep at night. I also do it when I’m feeling overloaded and just need to zone out for a while. And sometimes I do jigsaw puzzles while I’m watching TV, to keep myself entertained during commercials.

But that’s not the weird part. When I open the app, I get a screen that reads simply “Sparkle Apps.” A moment later, a woman’s voice whispers “Sparkle Apps” in a British accent. I love the sound of that whisper! Sometimes I restart the program, just to hear it again.

There’s something about a whisper that’s unlike normal speech. A whisper like the one in this app is just plain sexy. Any normal sentence – “What are you eating for lunch?” – spoken in a whisper magically becomes dramatic, sexy, mysterious.

Or it becomes creepy. Spoken by the wrong person, or with the wrong intonation, it could be frightening to hear that whisper. The stalker whispers, or the criminal bent on murder and mayhem.

And there’s the male-female difference. I think it would be harder for a woman to sound creepy than a man, unless the man is already someone you know and trust.

So that’s my little oddity: I love the sound of that anonymous woman’s whisper.


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