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U is for Underpants!

Don’t worry, this post will be G rated! And it’ll be short. I just want to mention something about underwear, of all things. Every time I come here to the US, which isn’t often, I buy myself a supply of underpants: knickers, for you Brits.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have underpants in the Netherlands; they do. But I never seem to find any that fit me properly. They’re too small or too big or ride up uncomfortably or rub along the stitches or have waistbands that cut into me irritatingly. And the ones that I’ve tried were tremendously expensive. You can’t try on underpants before you buy, can you? So you make your best guess and hope.

Does this mean that I’m just shaped differently than any Dutch person? Is there an American shape? Even from this distance I can hear any Europeans reading this chuckle patronizingly as you answer “Obese.” But I’m not obese anymore. Overweight? Yes. But not terribly so.

And you can’t say there’s any typically American shape anyway. The US is a remarkably diverse place, with people from every other country on earth, as well as many who are descendants of more than one country in an array of mixes. They’re tall, short, fat, skinny, stocky, lanky, and every shade and shape in between.

There is, however, a typical Dutch shape: tall. In Holland, at about 5’7”, I’m average at best. However, the Dutch, like the Americans, come in various shapes and sizes, from thin to obese. And there is a lot of mixing in Holland as well, though not nearly as much as in the US.

Wedgie free!

So for whatever reason, I can’t find underpants that fit me right in the Netherlands. On the contrary, thanks to the American penchant for commerce and competition, I can buy multi-packs of underwear that fits my requirements exactly for far cheaper than in the Netherlands, where they’re priced per pair.

So I hoard. I buy dozens, to last me for years. And wearing comfortable underpants for the next four years until I visit the US again is, for me, one of the joys of US travel.

2 comments on “U is for Underpants!

  1. Mary Pat
    April 25, 2013

    Great post. If your underpants are not comfortable, then you are not comfortable. You are not the only one to travel. When I head down to Hershey PA, I stop at the outlets. I like Hanes briefs. But there are some designs that I don’t like. I try not to buy those again. Pennsylvania doesn’t have tax on clothes. If I am visiting I save on the tax deal as well as no shipping.

    I was in Japan and it was much colder than I expected. I was hunting for some thermal underwear. Japanese people have different shape that we do in the USA. They tend to be smaller people. They may have my size (I am average) but I couldn’t find it. A friend found a shirt type in a man’s size that fit OK and it does a great job in keeping me warm.

    Come and visit again! 🙂

  2. Wykończenia Wnętrz Kraków
    April 25, 2013

    Everywhere it is possible to buy the underwear appropriate for oneself. From here network shops and np are shops for obese persons.

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