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O is for…

I couldn’t think of a good O word for the A to Z blog challenge today, so I posted the following message on my Facebook wall: “I need an O topic for today’s blog post. Any suggestions?”

And, boy, did I get suggestions: so many that I’ve decided to use them all. So here goes:

  1. Oh my! This reminds me of George Takei and his incredibly popular Facebook posts. If you don’t already subscribe to them, you should!
  2. Obstacles. I’ve addressed this one before: how incredibly fortunate I’ve been in my life in so many ways. There haven’t really been any obstacles, or at least not any that were too big to overcome.
  3. OMG: it’s possible to ride a bike in springtime without wearing gloves! I guess this means the weather has finally warmed up a bit in Holland. The spring is so late this year that I think our return to Holland on May 4th may end up being the perfect time to see the tulip fields as we descend, several weeks later than usual. And I could also comment that the phrase “OMG” is rapidly becoming acceptable English.
  4. Omens. I don’t believe in them. Except when I do.
  5. Oak. What is there to say about this one, Malcolm? We have an oak dining room table. Does that count?
  6. Originality. As I pass the halfway mark of these one-month blog challenges, I realize that there’s nothing original left to write. The only thing original is how you write it, or that you write it.
  7. Orchard. The new house we’re buying has three fruit trees. Does that count?
  8. Opera. I’ve been to one opera once, and was completely perplexed. I can hear that the singing is incredibly skillful, but I don’t hear how it’s attractive to listen to. What am I missing?
  9. Orbit. Again, Malcolm, what did you have in mind here? The path of a planet or the chewing gum? I have nothing on either one.
  10. Oreos 😉 but not the regular ones: those that are cloaked in chocolate. These are one of those inventions meant to tempt me to hell or obesity. I avoid them like the plague, because if I open a box, I’ll eat the whole box. I’ll end up with a stomach ache and regret what I’ve done, but still probably do it again if given the opportunity. (This was suggested by an ex-student of mine, by the way, and my sister suggested Oreos as well. They both know what I like!)
  11. Orca. They’re very popular around here. In early summer there are some pods of orcas that swim near here so there are some very popular orca-watching tours available. Too bad we’re here too early. The mascot of the community college is the orca.
  12. Orchid. We have two at home. One that died because we didn’t water it, but that the cleaning lady is bringing back to life, and another that has been blooming for many months because we’ve been watering it regularly. Amazing how that works!
  13. Obama. My admiration for him is endless. He sounded honestly, deeply angry today when he spoke after the bill to require background checks for all gun sales didn’t pass. And I’m angry too. It’s not like anyone’s daring to try to ban firearms entirely! They’re just trying to make it a bit harder for felons and the mentally ill to get hold of them. Why is that such a problem? (And speaking of Obama, I’m amazed by how many magazine covers here in the US feature Michelle Obama. Does she get paid for being a cover model?)
  14. Overachieving. Is there such thing? At least in the US, overachieving is good, isn’t it? We want everyone to “give 110 percent,” don’t we? In Holland, though, I think overachieving is somewhat frowned on; the Dutch are much more sensible in terms of work/life balance than the Americans.
  15. Over the Hill. My boss from one of my jobs suggested this. Should I take it personally? At 51, am I over the hill? When is the official cut-off for over the hill?
  16. Orgy. This is a G-rated blog, for the most part, Carol, so I’m not going there.
  17. Onderhoudsbeurt. This translates, very roughly, as “scheduled maintenance.” This was also suggested by a former student, and I don’t know what he is referring to. Scheduled maintenance on a house, perhaps, or a car? I have little to say about that, except that I’m not very good at keeping up on regular maintenance of anything.
  18. Opportunity. See my comment up above about obstacles, as well as my post for M the other day.
  19. Opzeggingstermijn. This roughly translates as term of notice: in other words, when you have a subscription to something, for example, and want to give it up, you need to let the company know by a certain date. I have no idea what else I could possibly write about this!
  20. Obesity. This one I could write quite a bit about. I used to be in the obese range of the BMI scale. Now I’m just a bit overweight. I expected to find many, many obese people here, and there certainly are some, but here in Washington state it doesn’t seem to be many more than in Holland. I know for sure that if I lived here, I’d end up obese. There are just too many foods that would trigger bad eating for me, and it would just be too easy to drive everywhere and be completely physically inactive. Where I live in Groningen, it’s actually easier to get around by bike than by car.
  21. Optimism. Yes, I’m an optimist most of the time, with a bit of a cynical streak.
  22. Public transport. The friend who suggested this, Meindert, is moving on to tomorrow, it seems.
  23. Queen. Ditto, but Q is the day after tomorrow. Meindert, are you talking about the queen of the Netherlands, or England, or the rock group?

3 comments on “O is for…

  1. antiagingbydesign
    April 18, 2013

    I didn’t see Obsession in your list! They were some good O words!


  2. Teressa Campbell
    April 18, 2013

    #16 had me rolling with laughter! Great list!

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