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Mommy’s super-power, by guest blogger Kate McIntyre


the teenager’s eye roll

Often, as a mom, I have felt like a superhero. I suppose my original giving of life was heroic although my only super-power (outside projectile vomiting) was not dying in the process.  Certainly the ability to bring succor to a very wee one was rewarding and addictive.

Later, my super-powers became more varied and eccentric.  One gray, dull afternoon CAT wistfully dreamed of popcorn, and I made it for her, in a PAN. She thought it came in bags from the store or in tubs at the movies. In her eyes, in that moment, I was one step below a Greek god. I had made popcorn from nothing. Another time I put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth, chewed it, and blew a bubble. She had never seen me do this before. She could not do it herself. It was a miracle.

Gradually, though, my powers faded. Now that I have a tween, they are almost non-existent.


Yesterday, as we sat together on the couch after dinner, CAT turned to me. “Are you doing anything for Valentine’s Day?” she asked.  I knew immediately she was fishing to see if there was something for her.

A little, Chardonnay-fueled she-demon popped up by my ear. “Use it!” the demoness chortled in Carol Channing’s voice. “Use your last power!”

I could not resist. “Well…” I began. “I was going to draw tiny hearts all over my body in places only your father has access to.”


So there it is – my last power – the power of mortification.  I’ll try not to abuse it, but sometimes it’s just too tempting…



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