Sometimes you just have to write…

Avoidance Behaviour

I’m a teacher, so I often work on weekends. That involves marking papers, answering e-mails, and planning lessons for the coming week. Sometimes it involves bigger projects, like producing a prezi for a new unit or preparing materials for one or more of my classes.

So today is Sunday and so far I’ve written feedback for some Theory of Knowledge essays, planned some lessons, including developing some materials, prepared for a staff meeting tomorrow, and answered some e-mails. I have a lot more to do: more Theory of Knowledge essays, a pile of English papers waiting for feedback, two piles of journals to read and respond to, some projects to grade, as well as some longer-term work that really needs to be started.

But, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, I’m not doing it. I’ve stopped working and started writing about how I’ve stopped working. The fact is: I prefer to do this than any of that.

I tell myself it’s just a short break, and I’ll get back to the work as soon as I’m done. But I know I’ll also go downstairs to get a snack and a cup of tea, and I’ll check my e-mail, perhaps look over the stats on my blog, catch up on facebook or twitter, and so on. I may indeed get back to work, but I won’t get as much done as I should.

I’m also a hypocrite. I lecture my students about how much better their work will be if they don’t put it off until the last minute. I’m sure that when I was in secondary school and university I didn’t procrastinate nearly this much. I hated the feeling of being under time pressure, so I tended to get things done at least a few days early, which allowed me to look over essays, for example, with a fresh eye that caught all of those silly mistakes you make when you’re in a hurry. So I tell my students to do the same. “Do what I say, not what I do!”

Now that I look at my calendar, I see that I have nothing planned for Tuesday, so I could get it done then, couldn’t I? Of course I can: hours of unplanned time to crank through all the work.

I think I’ll go downstairs now and get a snack and a cuppa.

I suspect that my next blog post will be on Tuesday…



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