Sometimes you just have to write…

Parent-Teacher Meetings

by Robert Smit and Rachel Heller

I’m sorry, but Bruno is not yet reaching his full potential.
He’s not working to his full ability.
He allows himself to be influenced by perceived peer interactions.
He needs to be more internally motivated.
Might there be other circumstances in his home environment of which we are not aware?
He’s very interested in learning about the world around him.
He is easily distracted when other students are not in compliance with established norms of behaviour.
He needs to grow into his role in the school community.
‘You catch more flies with honey.’

 I’m sure he has talent, but he needs more time to develop it.
Perhaps he should broaden his horizons while focusing within the school environment.
An extra year would allow him to solidify his base of knowledge.
It would allow the material to transition from his receptive to his productive memory.
He would have time to grow and develop his self-esteem.
It would allow him more time to complete the maturation process.
‘A stitch in time saves nine.’

A change in scenery might do him good.
It would allow him a fresh start, a clean slate
and an opportunity to develop his talents in an unbiased environment.
Perhaps a change of goal in terms of education is worth considering?
Given the current economic trends, great opportunities are available for those who are not too proud to do manual labour.
Setting realistic goals is an important life skill.
High school diplomas are grossly overrated anyway.
‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’


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