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More Waiting

Bujumbura Airport, Friday, August 14

It’s about 17:30, and we still haven’t left Bujumbura. Apparently the reason the flight was cancelled this morning was that there was a strike at Kenya Airways. We sat there on the beach for hours, waiting for a phone call from the Kenya Airways manager here at the airport to let us know if the flight was coming or not. The afternoon flight was supposed to be at 14:00 or so, but, when we eventually got the phone call, we were told that it would arrive here at 16:00 and leave here at 16:30. Well, not it’s 17:30 and there’s no flight in sight. However, there has been some progress, because we were added to the passenger list and allowed to check in.

The question now is whether we’ll make our flight in Nairobi. It’s at 22:05, but there’s a one-hour time difference so that’s 21:05 our time. As far as I’m concerned, I’d still rather go to Nairobi because, in theory at least, there will be more flights in general going to Europe, so our chances are better for arranging something else.

When I first realized that we might not get out of Burundi tonight, I had a terrible wave of homesickness. I wanted to be home NOW! I calmed down eventually, but I’ve always had trouble dealing with not having any control over my situation.

A note to add to the other entry about waiting: when we were at the beach and finally got the call from the Kenya Airways manager, he said we should come right away. However, we had ordered food which hadn’t arrived yet. Several of us felt quite strongly that getting on that flight was more important than the food, and wanted to just pay and go. But we were outvoted, and instead just let the restaurant know that we wanted the food quickly. It was served within a few minutes, but we had to sit and eat before we could go, just like when we stopped on the way to Bujumbura. Meals are very important, and are not to be rushed!

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